Monday, September 23, 2013

Up and Running with Python

Get a quick intro to Python, the popular and highly readable object-oriented language. Joe Marini provides an overview of the installation process, basic Python syntax, and an example of how to construct and run a simple Python program. Learn to work with dates and times, read and write files, and retrieve and parse HTML, JSON, and XML data from the web.
Topics include:
  • Installing Python
  • Choosing an editor/IDE
  • Working with variables and expressions
  • Writing loops
  • Using the date, time, and datetime classes
  • Reading and writing files
  • Fetching Internet data
  • Parsing and processing HTML
Up and Running with Python  -  2.5 Hours of Video Lessons

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Python 3 Essential Training Course

Bill Weinman demonstrates how to use Python 3 to create well-designed scripts and maintain existing projects. This course covers the basics of the language syntax and usage, as well as advanced features such as objects, generators, and exceptions. Example projects include a normalized database interface and a complete working CRUD application. Exercise files accompany the course.

      Topics include:
  • A Python 3 quick start for experienced developers
  • Creating functions and objects
  • Using Python’s built-in objects and classes
  • Repeating code with loops and iterators
  • Understanding and using conditional expressions
  • Creating sequences with generators
  • Reusing code with objects and libraries
  • Handling errors with exceptions
Python 3 Essential Training        ---- Videos totaling 6 hours 36 Min.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

FREE Python PDF Books

A Byte of Python - It serves as a tutorial or guide to the Python language for a beginner audience. If all you know about computers is how to save text files, then this is the book for you. This book is written for the latest Python 3          A Byte of Python PDF

Allen B. Downey Books Below:  
     How To Think Like a Computer Scientist - This book gives you the practical overview relating the real life problems and how to solve them in python. If you really want your brain to do some work and start learning python the scientist way then you should go with this one. you may go slow with this book but you will end up being an hard core programmer in python.
How To Think Like a Computer Scientist 2002 Version PDF 
Think Python (How to Think Like a Computer Scientist 2013 Version PDF) 

     Think Complexity -  This book is about complexity science, data structures and algorithms, intermediate programming in Python, and the philosophy of science. This book picks up where Think Python leaves off.    148 page PDF

     Think Stats - is an introduction to Probability and Statistics for Python programmers. 140 page PDF

Python Programming - WikiBooks guide to Python. It’s one of the texts of the MIT course.      Python Programming PDF

Learning To Program with Python (2011) -  283 Page Book   PDF download

Al Sweigart Python Books - His own Official  Invent with Python Website with Source code for each book.
         Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python  -  473 Page PDF 
        Making Games with Python and Pygame365 Page PDF
        Hacking Secret Cyphers with Python 442 Page PDF

Learn to Program Using Python (2007) -  A tutorial for Hobbyists, Self-Starters  and All who want to learn the art of Computer Programming.    325 page PDF   

Introduction to Programming Using Python (2012)263 page PDF

Python for Informatics  (Exploring Information) -
                           Book that goes with Dr Chucks FREE Course Online     224 Page PDF 

Dive into Python 3 -   Dive Into Python 3 is a hands-on guide to Python 3 and its differences from Python 2. As in the original book, Dive Into Python, each chapter starts with a real, complete code sample, proceeds to pick it apart and explain the pieces, and then puts it all back together in a summary at the end.        495 page PDF          Download HTML Version

Table of Contents
  1. Your First Python Program
  2. Native Datatypes
  3. Comprehensions
  4. Strings
  5. Regular Expressions
  6. Closures and Generators
  7. Classes and Iterators
  8. Advanced Iterators
  9. Unit Testing
  10. Refactoring
  11. Files
  12. XML
  13. Serializing Python Objects
  14. HTTP Web Services
  15. Case Study: Porting chardet to Python 3
  16. Packaging Python Libraries
A Python Book -   227page PDF Download
The book is divided into 3 parts:
  1. Beginning Python
  2. Advanced Python
  3. Python Workbook
It is designed as a self-study textbook and workbook. It can be used on its own or as a supplement to another Python book.
Parts 1 and 2 cover the topics you would expect to find in a beginning Python book. (Rather than list them here, please follow the links shown above for more details.)
Part 3 is what sets this book apart from others. It is written in a workbook style and contains over 100 exercises (with solutions). The exercises start out rather simple but they become progressively more challenging.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Online Python Lessons

A Python Course
            -  13 Week course with Lessons, Exercises and Answers
Learn Python in 10 Min
            -  a cross between a tutorial and a cheat-sheet
Learning to Program
            - Pretty nice site with quite a few lessons from Basics, to Advanced
              to Applications.
Python 101
            - This course contains an introduction to the Python language, instruction in the
               important and commonly used features of the language, and practical exercises
                in the use of those features.
Python 201
           - This course contains discussions of several advanced topics that are of interest
              to Python programmers.

The Python Tutorial 
       - Official Tutorial

IBM Developer-works Python Lessons 
       Discover Python Series
       Lesson 1 - Pythons Built-in Numerical Types
       Lesson 2 - Explore Python Type Hierarchy  
       Lesson 3 - Explore Python Type Hierarchy 
       Lesson 4 - Explore Python Type Hierarchy 
       Lesson 5 - Programming in Python 
       Lesson 6 - Programming in Python       
       Lesson 7 - Explore the Python Type Hierarchy
       Lesson 9 - Putting it all Together
       Python 3 Primer 
       Part 1 - What's New
       Part 2 - Advanced Topics 



DR Chuck Online

Open Enrollment Python Class given by U of Michigan Professor Dr. Chuck Severance for FREE online.

This is a course to teach basic Python programming skills through data analysis. The book and course materials are all free and licensed as Creative Commons. There is no complex math in the course, the programs are generally quite short, and the workload is no more than a few hours per week. By the time you complete the course, you will understand be able to read, parse, and manipulate data using Python.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Google Python Course

MIT Courseware

Massachusetts Institute of Technology FREE course material.

A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python (2008)

A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python (2011)  

  -The course will focus on planning and organizing programs, as well as the grammar of the Python programming language.


Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (2008) 

Scholar Version (More Complete self- study Course)
- This subject is aimed at students with little or no programming experience. It aims to provide students with an understanding of the role computation can play in solving problems. It also aims to help students, regardless of their major, to feel justifiably confident of their ability to write small programs that allow them to accomplish useful goals.

Course Features
        -Video lectures Online textbooks
        -Assignments and solutions
       -Exams and solutions
       -Recitation Videos



EdX like Coursea gives FREE classes year round. You can wait for the next class or just sign up and Audit a class where it gives you the Video Lessons and Homework and assignments to do at your own pace.

         Introduction to using computation to solve real problems. 
The course is aimed at students with little or no prior programming
experience who have a desire (or at least a need) to understand computational approaches to problem solving.

Artificial Intelligence  -  Berkeley (U of California)  

      CS188.1x is an online adaptation of the first half of UC Berkeley's upper division course CS188: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. 


  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Recursion
  • Python or ability to learn Python quickly (mini-tutorial provided)
Data Structures
  • Lists vs Sets (Arrays, Hashtables)
  • Queuing (Stacks, Queues, Priority Queues)
  • Trees vs Graphs (Traversal, Backpointers)
  • Probability, Random Variables, and Expectations (Discrete)
  • Basic Asymptotic Complexity (Big-O)
  • Basic Counting (Combinations and Permutations)


Code Academy

Sign up and Start there FREE Python Course.

21 Sections consisting of Interactive Lessons on.

Python Syntax   

Strings and Console Output

Conditionals and Control Flow


Lists & Dictionaries

Lists and Functions


Introduction to Classes

File Input and Output


Udacity Classes

Self -Pace Courses Given for FREE at Udacity

Introduction to Computer Science - Building a Search Engine
      -  (Beginner) Learn Key concepts in Computer Science including how to write  your own computer programs. This course 
teaches Python programming in the context of building a search Engine. 
Design of Computer Programs - Programming Principals
     - (Intermediate) Learn how to model programs and how to optimize performance by using some of the advanced features of Python.
Algorithms - Crunching Social Networks
     - (Intermediate) Intro into the design and analysis of algorithms
        with Python

Coursera Courses

Below is a list of Classes taught by Different University's on Coursera for FREE.
(These classes are either Python Classes or another Class that also uses Python Programming in the class as well.) 

*** Most of these classes are given several times a year if you want to take when it is run. Many are still listed with the Videos, Homework Assignments, and Projects even when not being given.***

Learn to Program : The Fundamentals            University of Toronto
( 7 week )    Beginner Class in Python Programming
Week                                    Topics
1     Installing Python, IDLE, mathematical expressions,

        variables, assignment statement, calling and    
        defining functions, syntax and semantic errors
2     Strings, input/output, function reuse, 

       function design recipe, docstrings
3     Booleans, import, namespaces, if statements

4     for loops, fancy string manipulation
5     while loops, lists, mutability
6     for loops over indices, parallel lists and strings, files
7     tuples, dictionaries

An introduction to Interactive Python Programming      Rice Univ.
(9 Week)    This course is designed to be a fun introduction to the basics 
of programming in Python. Our main focus will be on building
 simple interactive games such as Pong, Blackjack and Asteroids.

Khan Academy Python Lesson Videos

Go to the drop down Science Tab to find all the Python Programming video lessons here.

List of Videos Below
(Most were done a while back and use Python 2 Version)

Introduction to Programs Data Types and Variables Writing a basic program. -                  
     Basics of data types, variables and conditional statements
Binary Numbers  -
     Understanding how numbers are represented. Intro to Binary Numbers.
Python Lists -
      Understanding the basics of lists in Python.
For Loops in Python
     Basics of a For Loop in Python.
While Loops in Python
     Seeing that a while loop can do the same thing as a for loop
Fun with Strings
     Experimenting and seeing what we can do with strings
1. Writing a Simple Factorial Program (Python 2)
     Writing a simple factorial program with a "for" loop
2.  Stepping Through the Factorial Program
      Stepping through what happens when a user inputs a value.
3.  Flowchart for the Factorial Program
 Python 3 Not backwards Compatible with Python 2
    Understanding why example program does not work in Python 3
Defining a Factorial Function
    Defining a function in Python
Defining What  Happens with a Function Call
    Variable scope and Function calls
Diagramming What Happens with a Function Call 
    Variable scope and function calls
Recursive Factorial Function
    Introduction to recursion
Comparing Iterative and Recursive Factorial Functions.
    Comparing iterative and recursive factorial functions 
Exercise - Write a Fibonacci Function
    Introduction to the Fibonacci Sequence and a programming challenge
Iterative Fibonacci Function Example
    One way to write a Fibonacci function iteratively
Stepping Through Iterative Fibonacci Function
    Understanding how the Fibonacci function works for a particular example
Recursive Fibonacci Example
    Using recursion to write a Fibonacci function
Stepping Through Recursive Fibonacci Function
    Understanding why and how the recursive Fibonacci function works
Exercise - Write a Sorting Function
    Challenge to write a Python function that can sort a list in-place
Insertion Sort Algorithm
    Visual description of the insertion sort algorithm
Insertion Sort in Python
    Basic implementation of the insertion sort algorithm
Stepping Through Insertion Sort Function
    Clarifying what "break" does and stepping through the Insert. Sort Implementation
Simpler Insertion Sort Function
     Simplifying the while loop for the Insertion Sort function