Sunday, September 15, 2013

Online Python Lessons

A Python Course
            -  13 Week course with Lessons, Exercises and Answers
Learn Python in 10 Min
            -  a cross between a tutorial and a cheat-sheet
Learning to Program
            - Pretty nice site with quite a few lessons from Basics, to Advanced
              to Applications.
Python 101
            - This course contains an introduction to the Python language, instruction in the
               important and commonly used features of the language, and practical exercises
                in the use of those features.
Python 201
           - This course contains discussions of several advanced topics that are of interest
              to Python programmers.

The Python Tutorial 
       - Official Tutorial

IBM Developer-works Python Lessons 
       Discover Python Series
       Lesson 1 - Pythons Built-in Numerical Types
       Lesson 2 - Explore Python Type Hierarchy  
       Lesson 3 - Explore Python Type Hierarchy 
       Lesson 4 - Explore Python Type Hierarchy 
       Lesson 5 - Programming in Python 
       Lesson 6 - Programming in Python       
       Lesson 7 - Explore the Python Type Hierarchy
       Lesson 9 - Putting it all Together
       Python 3 Primer 
       Part 1 - What's New
       Part 2 - Advanced Topics 



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