Saturday, September 14, 2013

Khan Academy Python Lesson Videos

Go to the drop down Science Tab to find all the Python Programming video lessons here.

List of Videos Below
(Most were done a while back and use Python 2 Version)

Introduction to Programs Data Types and Variables Writing a basic program. -                  
     Basics of data types, variables and conditional statements
Binary Numbers  -
     Understanding how numbers are represented. Intro to Binary Numbers.
Python Lists -
      Understanding the basics of lists in Python.
For Loops in Python
     Basics of a For Loop in Python.
While Loops in Python
     Seeing that a while loop can do the same thing as a for loop
Fun with Strings
     Experimenting and seeing what we can do with strings
1. Writing a Simple Factorial Program (Python 2)
     Writing a simple factorial program with a "for" loop
2.  Stepping Through the Factorial Program
      Stepping through what happens when a user inputs a value.
3.  Flowchart for the Factorial Program
 Python 3 Not backwards Compatible with Python 2
    Understanding why example program does not work in Python 3
Defining a Factorial Function
    Defining a function in Python
Defining What  Happens with a Function Call
    Variable scope and Function calls
Diagramming What Happens with a Function Call 
    Variable scope and function calls
Recursive Factorial Function
    Introduction to recursion
Comparing Iterative and Recursive Factorial Functions.
    Comparing iterative and recursive factorial functions 
Exercise - Write a Fibonacci Function
    Introduction to the Fibonacci Sequence and a programming challenge
Iterative Fibonacci Function Example
    One way to write a Fibonacci function iteratively
Stepping Through Iterative Fibonacci Function
    Understanding how the Fibonacci function works for a particular example
Recursive Fibonacci Example
    Using recursion to write a Fibonacci function
Stepping Through Recursive Fibonacci Function
    Understanding why and how the recursive Fibonacci function works
Exercise - Write a Sorting Function
    Challenge to write a Python function that can sort a list in-place
Insertion Sort Algorithm
    Visual description of the insertion sort algorithm
Insertion Sort in Python
    Basic implementation of the insertion sort algorithm
Stepping Through Insertion Sort Function
    Clarifying what "break" does and stepping through the Insert. Sort Implementation
Simpler Insertion Sort Function
     Simplifying the while loop for the Insertion Sort function



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